The Phantom Disney Princess

I don’t see why it would be so difficult to create some Leia merch.

Man vs. Pink

"Disney Princess Leia" by bewareitbites “Disney Princess Leia” by bewareitbites

There’s a phantom menace lurking within Disney. She’s a princess who’s smart and confident, friendly and loyal, rebelliousand brave. She’sa strongleader, froma realm far, far away. She’s a wonderful female role model for our children, but you won’t find any figures, costumes, tops, lunchboxes, or backpacks withher on at the Disney Store.

Princess Leia became the property ofthe House of Mousefollowingtheir $4 Billion purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012.Unsurprisingly, given Disneyare the masters of merchandise, Star Wars goods are abundant inthe Disney Store. However, it’s also abundantly clear that as far as Disney is concerned, Star Wars is a boys only galaxy.

The lack of Leiacame to my attention earlier in theweek, with this exchange on Twitter between Natalie Wreyford and the Disney Store:

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order doesn't offer moral choice or use the medium to bring a social cause to bear, but it does make for an engrossing and impressive experience built upon a foundation that influenced an entire generation of video games. Wolfenstein: The New Order Developed by Machine Games Published by Bethesda Softworks Released: 05/20/2014 Rating: M Platform: PlayStation 4 … Continue reading Wolfenstein: The New Order