Your Nostalgia Trip For The Day: Guitar Hero and Rock Band

I’ve been listening to old episodes of the Giant Bombcast and reached the gang’s discussion of The Beatles: Rock Band and the then-current state of the music genre. Remember when Acitivision and Harmonix were crazy for their rhythm games? The years spanning 2006 and 2010 were a magical time that saw the release of twenty four music games. Christ, that’s a lot! It is worth pointing out that the number leans heavy towards Activision side for their staggering amount of Guitar Hero titles and spin-offs.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero fever was a hell of a thing, though. I vividly recall picking up the first Guitar Hero after my brother recommended it and was captivated by the idea of playing music with fake instruments. I missed out on Rock Band because I was burned out by the genre at that point only to return again for The Beatles. That was to be the last music game I would play as I felt there was nowhere else the genre could go after the John, Ringo, George and Paul.

It’s been a good few years since Guitar Hero and Rock Band stepped away from the bright spotlight and it’s fun to look back to see how much of an impact it had on pop culture. Heck, the game earned an entire episode of South Park.

And let’s not forget that this existed:

What a fascinating (and sometimes ridiculous) time to be a gamer.


One thought on “Your Nostalgia Trip For The Day: Guitar Hero and Rock Band

  1. Just a further example of how amped we were far Rock Band – my team at work spent an afternoon in one of our training rooms with the PS3 wired up to our HD projector rocking out to the Beatles, Iron Maiden, Boston and everything else in between. A whole freaking afternoon! Heck, we even had other people from other departments wanting in on the action!

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