The Darkness Makes Me Sleepy: Some Thoughts On Destiny

I borrowed a copy of Destiny before the Christmas holiday and it made me so sad. Replaying through the same ruined Cosmodrome as the Alpha version, I was disappointed that the game is still staggeringly generic. I doubt I will ever go back, I’ve got enough games to play at the moment and I have a feeling that the entire game plays exactly like its first few hours. Here are a few observations I made during that time:

  • Destiny is Borderlands without a sense of humor.
  • Destiny is horribly repetitive. The missions, little more than kill quests, are not particularly fun or interesting.
  • The boss encounters in “The Devil’s Lair” are obnoxiously long. Even with a full group of players, taking out the giant tank and Sepiks Prime was a real pain in the ass. Not that the bosses were difficult, they’re easy once you recognize their attacks and abilities, but they take way too long to kill. And the fight with Sepiks? Christ, I have that stupid music loop forever stuck in my head.
  • Why in the world do I have to go to the game’s website to learn what’s going on?
  • Once I got to the Moon, I honestly stopped caring about everything. The gunplay is fine, but having to fight the same enemies over and over gets tiresome.
  • For all Destiny does wrong, it sure is gorgeous to look at. The skybox and the high res environment textures are stunning. If only the game received the same level of detail and attention.

Video games are supposed to be fun but Destiny is a slog. I sit here trying to decide if I ever want to go back. Such thoughts are followed up with a cringe normally reserved for those times when someone tells you to do chores. Playing co-op might make the bitter pill easier to swallow, though I really don’t care enough to find out. I’m having way more fun playing through the campaigns in the Master Chief Collection right now.


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