HIP 28711 Mission Report

Mission: Fly to HIP 28711

Objective: Make first discovery of the system’s blue-white star.

Distance: 293.63 ly

Narrative: Trip “officially” started at Chadwick Dock in the Gladutjin system, where I upgraded from a Sidewinder Mk III to an Adder outfitted with a default equipment loadout. I traveled out from “civilized” space, utilizing scoops to gain fuel (at the risk of several close calls) when necessary.

Result: My journey started on 3/4/2015 and I didn’t reach HIP 28711 until 3/6/2015. 293.63 light years later, I reached the system’s brightest star but someone had already beat me to the claim. The trip wasn’t a total loss, as the system map indicated the presence of a black hole. My discover scanner, however, wasn’t strong to pick up the location so I could not see the astronomical object for myself.

Combat report: None

Profit for selling cartographic data: 160,000 cr

Objective: Failed

Mission status: Complete

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