Exploration 03 Mission Report

Mission: Explore the Milky Way galaxy.

Objective: Deliver valuable scanning data on astronomical objects to Universal Cartographics.

Total Distance: 141.88 light years from starting point (HIP 81046)

Narrative: Explored the Col 285 Sector and scanned 23 star systems all comprised of uninhabitable gas, ice, and metal planets. Upon arrival to Col 285 Sector PH-E B27-2, scanners detect a large solar system comprised ten planets, one of which was an Earth-like astronomical object. After scans of the entire system were complete, I traveled 88 light years to civilized space in HIP 86063 to deliver data.

Reward: 720, 234cr, first discovery claim of Col 285 Sector PH-E B27-2 system.

Objective: Success

Mission status: Complete

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