The Nightmare Is Over: Some Final Thoughts on Bloodborne

This post was a long time coming, but new changes in my career have kept me busy to post.

I finished through my first playthrough of Bloodborne in April and now that the game is over, I’m left with conflicting emotions about the game. First off all, I still think its excellent (read my review for it at Darkstation). I loved the setting, the atmosphere, the combat (which makes going back to Dark Souls II difficult), and the characters. From Software knows how to make a thrilling game and I hope to see more of them in the future. However, there were a few things that stuck in my craw a bit and before I go into detail, a word of warning: there be spoilers.

The weirdest thing about Bloodborne is how much of a rush it is in to get itself to the end. After the battle with Rom, the Vacuous Spider, From Software puts the pedal to the metal and blasts ahead and breakneck speed. This is strange behavior, considering Dark Souls and Demons Souls had a deliberate sense of pace. Completing a major story goal, like ringing both Bells of Awakening in Dark Souls, revealed the next sizable chunk of gameplay (and again after fighting Ornstein and Smough). After killing Rom in Bloodborne, I could almost feel From rushing me forward to fight the game’s three story bosses before the ending (to be fair, there are opportunities to fight two more bosses at this point). I found it strange and slightly worrisome that the game moves to the end so quickly as significantly lessens the scale of the game, making it feel much smaller than I initially believed. I’m sure such gaps will eventually be filled by DLC and it’ll be interesting to see where From can bolt it onto.

There’s still plenty left for me to do, though. I still have some Chalice Dungeons to explore, and I have enjoyed the feeling of being completely overpowered for a significant chunk of them.  And then there’s the New Game+ modes to experience. I may even go back to my first playthrough save and try beating some of the optional bosses before their difficulty scale any higher.

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