GamersRead: It’s a podcast…about books!

Even though I’m a librarian, it is difficult to sit down and read a book. Between a full time job spent mostly in front of computer screens, it’s sometimes difficult to come home and do nothing but veg out in front of the TV or just go to bed. Add the occasional video game review assignment into the mix and my schedule gets so full. And contrary to popular belief, librarians don’t just read books all day!

Instead of throwing money at organizations and institutions to help better my literacy, I worked with fellow Darkstationers Jonathan Miley and Joel Szerlip to launch GamersRead.


Presented in a monthly book club format, we talk about books selected Round Robin style (though the ultimate decision is made via a round of Cards Against Humanity). We have two shows under our belt so far and I’m excited to keep this thing going as long as possible. I love being a part of it. If you’re interested and want to follow along with our reading, please visit our site and subscribe to the show on iTunes.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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