Eight Games for a Deserted Island

Got this idea from an article on Kotaku about what games to bring on a deserted island (assuming that the island had power, a giant TV, and good Internet). Here are my choices, in no particular order:

Witcher 3 – because being stuck on a deserted island is the only way I’m going to have time to play this game.

Elite: Dangerous – 400 billion star systems and an active community means lots to explore and share.

Final Fantasy VIII – Honestly, I could play this game dozens of times and never get bored. I love it that much.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection – The first three Uncharted games are masterpieces in my mind. Playing these games is the video game equivalent of watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy. It never gets old.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – I feel like an MMO has to be on this list. While I do like World of Warcraft, the Star Wars universe is more interesting to me than Azeroth’s fantasy realm (no knock against the game, of course. I enjoy it too). And speaking of which…

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Like Final Fantasy VIII, this is an RPG I could play forever.

Rayman Legends – If anything, the game’s soothing soundtrack would help lull me to sleep.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – THE best game in the modern GTA series, San Andreas has great places to explore and get lost in.


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