Monster Musume I Heart Monster Girls vol. 1: <3

I did a little experiment with a video review for this title to see if it’s something I’d pursue in the future. I’m a pretty unpolished video presenter but hey, things always get better with time and practice, right?

In the video below, I talk about the Monster Musume spinoff series, I Heart Monster Girls. A collection of 4-koma comics by different manga artists, it’s the perfect series to read in between volumes of the main Monster Musume series as it doesn’t interfere with the larger story in the mainline series.

So without further ado, check out my video review of I Heart Monster Girls!

Title: Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls Volume 1
Author: Characters by OKAYADO; Story and Art by 221, coolkyousinnjya, ennoreim Tottori-saO, et. al.
Format: Manga, 4-koma
Price: $12.99
Purchased Or Received For Review? Purchased
Where to buy: RightStufAmazon

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