LEGO Dimensions Goonies Level Pack: It’s Good Enough


As solid a product it was, I’m surprised how far LEGO Dimensions fell off my radar. I honestly didn’t think the game had much further to go with its impressive collection of media tie-ins. This realization came only today when a chance visit to a LEGO Store ended with me picking up a new level pack based on one of my favorite films, The Goonies. I figured Traveler’s Tales moved on after the first round of add-ons, so it’s neat to see that they’ve been supporting the game while busy developing new LEGO titles. I won’t go into detail about Dimensions here, so if you want a refresher on what the toys to life game is about, check out my review on Darkstation.

The Goonies level pack comes with an all new minifig based on the character of “Sloth” Fratelli, the deformed third brother of the Fratelli crime family. Wearing his Superman t-shirt, this is probably one of the most adorable looking minifigs I’ve seen in a while. Sloth is accompanied by the Inferno (One Eyed Willy’s pirate ship – I had no idea it had that name!) and the bone organ used by Andy to reveal the path to said ship. These items come with two transformations and I continue to not be a fan of the alternate models. They offer helpful gameplay functions but the problem is that they’re just ugly in light of how great the original vehicle designs look. The Inferno, Batmobile and the Back to the Future DeLorean look amazing given the size and limit of LEGO piece types. Why ruin a cool thing?


Like all other level packs, this comes with a story mode that is less of an abridged retelling of The Goonies film and more of an attempt to fill the narrative gap of how Chunk and Sloth reached the Inferno to save Mikey and the gang from the Fratellis. I like what Traveler’s Tales did here because it’s a believable excuse to recreate familiar movie setpieces such as the dangling boulder booby trap, crossing the precarious wet log (“Slick Shoes! Are you crazy?”), and the wicked water slide to Willy’s lagoon. Along the way, you’ll perform all the familiar LEGO video game tasks: collect studs, solve puzzles, and utilize the unique abilities of different LEGO Dimensions minifigs. Sloth is a heavy-type character who can dig through loose dirt, toss candy bar projectiles, and break through weak walls and floors. His special move consists of tearing off his shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt underneath (the game misses a BIG opportunity to play the Superman theme every time you do this). Chunk is mostly useless–that is until you discover his special move is the Truffle Shuffle, thereby justifying the $30 price tag.

When the story is over, the game drops you into the Goonies World map which is a fun recreation of Astoria and the “Goon Docks.” Dozens of citizens await your aid to help them rebuild busted parts of the town, search for treasure, and solve mysteries. You’ll also interact with the Goonies themselves and earn those tantalizing gold bricks. The world map has a nice size to it and includes the Fratelli hideout and the Inferno lagoon. Exploration is enhanced by a rousing medley of the film’s soundtrack. The nice thing about playing this particular world is that you don’t have to rely on switching out different LEGO Dimensions minifigs. As Sloth, you can switch between any of the Goonies and collectively, they have enough abilities to get you through a large part of the collectible hunt.


I love what Travelers Tales does with the film. Parts of the movie translate really well to a video game, which got me thinking that there might be enough to turn the movie into its own separate game. Certainly, it would allow for film dialog to be used. The level pack uses an entirely different cast, mostly because a whole new script had to be made to accommodate the activity in the game. The distinct lack of Young Sean Astin, Young Corey Feldman, Young Jonathan Ke Quan, et. al really took me out of the adaptation. The voice acting wasn’t nearly as distracting as the frequent technical issues. I don’t remember the base game having problems, but The Goonies story mode is crippled by scripting errors and dumb AI. Characters would mysteriously get stuck in odd places and constantly run into walls. In the boulder booby trap room, characters would get stuck on the environment which bizarrely caused one of the boulders to stop moving altogether, making it difficult to progress.


While it isn’t perfect, I’m pleased that The Goonies has a presence in 2017. It’s a hell of a movie that has enjoyed immense staying power since its release in 1985. I would very much like to see Travelers Tales take a break from Star Wars, Marvel, and DC to see if they can make a full game from the film because damn, that would be really fantastic. Until then, The Goonies Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions is certainly adequate for the time being.

Title: LEGO DimensionsThe Goonies Level Pack
Developer: Traveler’s Tales
Media: LEGO Dimensions (PS4), Digital Download (Level Pack), 1 LEGO Minifig, 2 LEGO accessories
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 5/9/2017
Price: $29.99
Purchased Or Received For Review? Purchased
Where to buy: Amazon, GameStop,


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