The Super Nintendo Classic Edition Is Coming. Worth It?

It was one of those worst kept secrets. Given Nintendo’s success with the NES Classic Edition, it was all but inevitable that a Super Nintendo Classic Edition would be on its way. And here we are!

Launching on September 29th, this $80 Raspberry Pi in a box features 21 games (included the never-before-released Starfox 2) and two wired controllers (5 feet long cords this time!) to take advantage of the two-player games pre-installed with the system. No doubt that this is a pretty cool novelty item. The game library is pretty impressive and more relatable since I played more Super NES games at a friend’s house than I did the original Nintendo system. Super Mario World and Super Metroid are absolute winners as are Starfox and Final Fantasy III(VI?).

I put my name down at a GameStop to be notified if preorders will be available only to get a call the next day saying someone (Nintendo? GameStop corporate?) will let them do pre-orders. I set up a notification through Best Buy, though I wonder if that’ll go the same route. The thing is, there was a lot of noise made about Nintendo of America’s business decisions over the NES Classic Edition. The stock always seemed low and if you were desperate, you could pay double or triple the price on eBay. And then they told everyone they’d stop selling the thing after a year, with no real head’s up or reason to do so. And they’re expected to do that last part again with the Super Nintendo.

I’m planning to purchase a Switch in the future so while this Super NES item is cool in theory, won’t I be able to play it on the Virtual Console? Certainly, the prospect of playing these games on the mobile ready Switch is far more attractive than a wired mini-console.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. Do you have plans to pick up the SNES Classic Edition?

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