Star Trek Bridge Crew Adds Watson Support!

While playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I received an notification alert on my PlayStation 4 saying that Star Trek: Bridge Crew was being updated. Oh boy! What does this mean? New missions? More star systems? No, not quite those things. Instead, Red Storm Entertainment patched in support for IBM’s Watson super computer HAL9000 thing, which means you can now interact with the AI crew members and issue voice commands instead of the menus. 

This is super cool! Granted, it takes some getting used to but I find that, unlike other voice recognition software, I can speak naturally and the game will process the orders pretty well. It’s a really nice addition to the game, especially how isolating the offline game can be. 

Below is a clip of me trying out the new feature. I only realized after the recording the it didn’t pick up my voice but you can see it listening via the front console. All you do is hold down the X button, speak, and let go. It takes about a second or two for the game to think and process the command. Again, the trick is finding the right sequence of words to make higher level functions, like system intrusions, work on command. 

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