My Latest Addiction: Hearthstone

As August comes to a close, I’m still dumbfounded by how unexpectedly busy the summer has been. Between work and summer activities, my game time has felt few and far between. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t feel like settling in to play a 50+ hour open world adventure because, sadly, I just don’t have the time anymore. (That hasn’t stopped me from indulging in my physical copy of Night Trap from Limited Run Games, but that’s a topic for another post). As it turns out, this ended up being the perfect time to get addicted to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, the World of Warcraft collectible card game, and let it hooks dig themselves deep into my core.

The iOS, Android, and PC friendly card game was released in 2014 and hot damn, I’m sad it took me so long to try it out. It’s always existed in my periphery but because I’m moderately terrible to games like this (I could never breach the old Star Wars CCG and Magic: The Gathering was fun despite getting blown away every game).

I’ve been playing the game for a few days now and starting to think about what role I’d like to main against other players. As it stands now, I’ve been having really good luck with the Hunter class but also enjoy the sly cards offered by the Rogue. The bulk of my time has been spent going through class to unlock their cards so as to have something to use during high level play. I’ve allowed myself to compete against other people and to my surprise, I’ve done quite decently (granted, I’ve just been focusing on Casual play and completely bombed my first arena match).

I may be late to the party but golly, Hearthstone is so much fun. It seems most of Blizzard’s games have that effect on me. And heck, maybe it’s time to consider re-subscribing to World of Warcraft again….

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