Field Notes: The Thrilling Adventures of Ladywoman Girlgender

Much like the rest of the world, I have picked up Capcom’s latest entry into it open world hunting simulator, Monster Hunter: World. My experience with franchise falls within the spectrum of brief to non-existent, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I had certainly been wowed by the exploits of the community and from a good friend of mine who is enamored with the series. My quest to explore new lands, discover new life and kill the shit out of it begins, of course, with character creation. So please, give a warm welcome to my hunter, Ladywoman Girlgender (I’m terrible at coming up with names) and her Palico, Delilah.

Monster Hunter: World is an oppressively huge and full game and because of that, much of my play sessions have been spent taking my time and learning all of the mechanics of hunting, exploring and doing research. It was also time spent trying to find a weapon I was comfortable with. I started out with the katana and thought that was cool. Then I moved over to the dual bone blades which do low damage but at a rapid pace. While playing with my friend and comparing weapons, he dropped a bomb on me. He said something in effect of, “I’m not too interested in the bagpipes…”

Whoa. Stop.

“Bagpipes?” I asked.

“Yeah, bagpipes. It’s a support weapon that does buffs.”

Holy shit. Holy shit.




Needless to say, I immediately jumped on that shit right then and there. Like many other weapons in the game, you can craft new bagpipes from the materials you collect from dead animals. This is the basic ore-based set but I’m hoping that someday, I’ll get to build one from a dragon skull or some whacked out shit. In battle, the weapon is perfect for me. It swings hard and slow, like a great sword, but each of the attack buttons is mapped to a musical note. By playing nots in a specific sequence, I can buff myself, my Palico, and any players in my party with health, defense and attack boosts along with debuffs on enemies. Oh, and it plays bagpipe music when you do it. I’m so happy. Action story of the day: while hunting after Great Jagras, which I had gotten it hurt enough to limp (a visual cue to indicate it being near death), I chased it into a clearing underneath a forest canopy. As the battle raged on, an Anjananth appeared (the Tyrannosaurus Rex-looking thing from the trailers) and started picking a fight with the crippled Jagras. If that wasn’t enough, a dragon swooped in and started punching the crap out of the dino. I did the right thing and ran away.

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