The Tale of Sir Henry (aka Justice for Theresa)

Henry, the former blacksmith turned revengeancer, has proven himself to be an interesting character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. For a character who witnessed the horrible and brutal slaying of his parents by Sigismund’s army of mercenary terrorists, he has plenty of moments where he comes off as an endearing doofus–and I’m totally fine with this. There’s nothing I hate more than characters other than Batman being brooding edgelords a la the Prince in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Henry’s interactions with people and women provide some much needed levity considering the sometimes heavy subject matter and violence on display. His bouts of naivete get him into weird and unbelievable situations that always spin off the rails. For example, while investigating the slaughter of a small village, Henry gets caught up with a priest who takes him out for a night of drinking, an outing punctuated by a fist fight with the village’s Baliff and guards, ringing of the church bells in the dead of night, and an a sex romp with the priest’s concubine and a tavern mistress. The affair ends with the priest forcing Henry to deliver his sermon about the evils of godly men taken in by vice to a wary congregation. In another part of the world, Henry tracks down a trio of women who have take a powerful hallucinogenic brew from a herbalist (aka “witch”). Following them into the woods, he spies the women using the concoction as a means to summon Satan by performing a sabbath. They are largely clueless with how the ritual is performed but intend to pleasure the devil into making him slaughter Sigismund’s Cumans, the men responsible for murdering their husband and children. Henry accidentally gets caught up in the revelries, which devolves into a bizarre scene of animal-tinged debauchery that leaves one woman dead (which, I feel, was mostly uncalled for). It’s all Henry can do but roll with the whirlwind of life experiences that he gets caught up into.

Oh, and hey, speaking of women getting the shaft in the sabbath quest, I’m extremely unsatisfied with the “Courtship” quest involving Theresa, the miller’s daughter who saved Henry’s ass from Runt and his goons at Skaliz. This quest has you trying to woo Theresa by taking her out for a series of outings with the intention of forming a relationship. What bothers me is that once you reach the part of the quest that ends with the two sleeping together, the quest just ends without any follow through. Theresa, a woman already at an unfair disadvantage because of her sex, who stood up to powerful and violent men at great personal danger to herself, is written off as a sexual conquest and it made me angry. She’s just another green check in the quest log. I’m hoping she will reemerge later in the game but I worry greatly that I’ve seen the last of her.

I’ve now reached the point in the story where Henry has killed Runt after confronting him and his small military force in an abandoned village. I denied him his sword battle (because I don’t feel all the confident in my abilities) and instead shot arrows into his face until he dropped and couldn’t have felt more satisfied. Another antagonist has emerged but it is too early to tell who he is and who is motives are. With newly acquired gear (I stole Runt’s armor!) and money to blow on training, it’s time to take a break from the story and take on some side quests. Though I am prepared to guide Henry to bring peace and civility to those besieged by bandits and foreign invaders, I’m still hoping for more chances to see Henry act like a dork.

If you’re curious about the game,  I wholly recommend checking out Twitch streamer SheriffEli’s amazingly hilarious broadcasts of the game. Not only does he offer an in-depth play through of the game, I also find him to be the best streamer on the platform.

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