Hello! Thanks for stopping by our corner of the Internet. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Allow us to introduce ourselves!


I am a 30-something who enjoys playing games, watching anime and manga, graphic novels, and whatever else piques my fancy. My intention for this blog is to present my personal reviews of the things I see, play, and read. I’ve been writing reviews for some time and if you want to see my other work, you can find it on Darkstation, Gamers Read, and No Flying, No Tights.


Sciezka arrived in town fifteen years ago. Her past is a mystery, shrouded in the mists of time. Only seers and those with uncanny powers know of her origins – most folk feel it’s better that it stays that way. Her present is less of a mystery. She found employment at the local library shortly after arriving, and can be found there most days puttering around the stacks. If you’re lucky, you might see her at the reference desk and ask her to impart sound wisdom upon you. But be careful, for you may not receive the answers that you seek.


Some review materials may be provided by RightStufAnime and Seven Seas EntertainmentI was also invited to become a member of RightStuf’s affiliate program and as such, I may attach links to their store on items I have either purchased myself or received from RightStuf for review. My promise to you, however, is that this will not be invasive. I promise to make the appropriate disclosures in all my writings.

That’s all I really have to say at this point. Once again, thanks for your time and attention. I hope you’ll like it here.


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